Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer's Here

The most simple yet perfect summer outfit from Topshop inspired by Stella McCartney spring/summer '08.

It's All In The Details

I love street style blogs and one of my regularly visits is the blog Emma's Closet. The owner is Emma Nygren, a twenty-year old Sweedish girl. Her style is just unbelievably cool. Her outfits are always daring but still not over-the-top. I love it when people can achieve that effortless look, because I think that you shouldn't look like you spent hours picking outfits even if you did. The thing that caught my eye, were the details. Her clothes aren't all designer or vintage, though she mixes that in too. She shops in cheap chain stores like everyone but somehow manages to not look like everyone else. It's the details, her incredible eye for style and pairing that you couldn't have thought of.

Check out Emma's Closet for more outfit inspiration.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Balmain's Summer Dress

I'm in love with this dress from Balmain's spring/summer collection.

The florals, the colours and the dreamy, flowy shape = gorgeous!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

H&M's Spring/Summer Collection

1. Classic Sportswear
Clean Lines / Fresh Colours / Exposed Zippers

2. 70's
Hippie Prints / Flared Pants / Mild Colours

3. Tribal
Wild Patterns / African Tribe / Oriental Asia

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alexander McQueen Shoes

The shoes from Alexander McQueen's fall/winter 08 show are officially on my wish list. They're edgy and fierce. They're sky-high and have got this mysterious vibe because of the leather and the black colour. I love the small details and I think they are a new version of the current ankle boot trend.

Prada Bags

Aren't the Prada bags from the spring/summer collection just divine? I mean the colours are amazingly beautiful and bright. Sienna Miller is among the celebs that have one.

I also like the fairy bag. It's got beautiful drawings made by artist James Jean. It's gotten rather popular and sold out in two days in Neiman Marcus.

I was really excited to see the bags for fall, but was kind of disappointed. They were only in black, brown and beige and the ones with the lace are just not something I would wan't to carry around. The ruffles give it nice detailing, though.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crazy For Curls

I completely adore curls at the moment. Not crazy curls, more laid-back, casual, small waves.

This photo started my curl-mania. It's from the H&M spring campaign. It's just something about the volume but they still have a no-effort style to them.

3.1 Phillip Lim / Christian Dior / Viktor&Rolf

I've tried getting curls that kind of ended like small waves with lots of volume. You go to sleep with braids in a wet hair and then take them off in the morning. The braids have to be tightly braided, and start as near the roots as possible.