Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Room Of My Own

I'm rearranging my room at the moment so I've been looking for some inspiration from magazines like Teen Vogue (the 'A Room Of My Own' at the last page in each issue, and their room makeovers), and also Harper's Bazaar ('A Fashionable Life' where famous people let us see their fashionable homes). I've scanned in some of my favourite rooms and I'll post it here for some inspiration.
Here's Aerin Lauder in Harper's Bazaar June 07

The flowers bring some life into the room - they're always classic.

I love the Z desk!

The modern mirror table mixes perfectly with the vintage wallpaper.

Here are the rooms from Teen Vogue

This closet is amazing. I would love to have this bright and accessable walk-in closet!

Perfect for small spaces.

I love a big and comfy bed.

Mirrors are great for making a room look bigger.

Magazine pages and personal photos are perfect for decorating walls.

I would never have thought that a tree could look good in a bedroom. I love the mirrors and the see-through chair.

I'm thinking about getting a white closet that has a bit of a vintage flair, and either a glass/mirror table or something like that in the photo above. Then, of course, I'll decorate with beautiful mirrors, (scented) candles and flowers.


Anonymous said...

I love rooms from Teen Vogue! What issue is that with the girl in the closet? I love the current Room Makeover from the September 2007 issue, it is my favourite and I want a room similar to that. I love the Marie-Antoniette feel and I love the brocade and flowers!
- Alyssa

jadorevogue said...

Thanks for the comment! The issue with the girl in the closet is from August 2005. I also love the room in the September issue, I'm dying for a similiar white desk and the baroque mirrors.

isla.♥ said...


It's soooo unfair i dont get TeenVogue in britain....
just vogue..

Anonymous said...

love it! speechless..