Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look For Less

I love finding cheaper versions of designer pieces. It's just something about the feeling knowing you're getting a luxurious look for less. Of course you can never find them exactly the same, but sometimes the difference is so minor, that people don't notice the real thing from the fake.

Forever 21 have the Alice Ankle Boots (on left) for only $21.80. These are in burgundy, but they're also available in black. Then on right we have Christian Louboutin Lapono Shoe Boots from Net-A-Porter on $775. They're also available in blue. Of course you can never fake Louboutin's, because of the red sole and they have a luxurious touch. These two are not the same but they've got the same style and are similiar in many ways.

You almost can't spot the difference between the Platform Peep Toe Shoe from ASOS and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Mary Janes. But you can spot the difference on their price tag. The ones from ASOS (also available in red) cost $57.03 and the YSL ones are $660. To name a few, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez, have all been seen wearing the YSL pumps.
Bluefly have the Tribute Mary Janes in black suede on $528. They also have Yves Saint Laurent Ankle Strap Platform Pumps in the same style as the Tribute Mary Janes. They're also $528.

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Tinsley said...

great finds! i love the first louboutins :)